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Making the world a better place, through Random Acts of Kindness.

I started The Random Acts of Kindness Circle in 2008 when a previous student and dear friend Ellen Erickson, was diagnosed with bone cancer. Some of you may remember it had a different name in 2008, but one I cannot bear to type as our sweet Ellen has passed.

This initial project was to have Ellen’s elementary school make paper cranes and write letters to cheer her up during such a difficult time. It was so amazing, as we ended up with people from literally all over the world, sending cards, letters, and even gifts to Ellen! It was so awesome to see the love of complete strangers motivate them to come to her aid through these Random Acts of Kindness. Ellen’s project is what inspired me to continue the work of creating projects for those I knew who needed this same love and support, and also for those who were silently nominated by their loved ones.

What started in 2008 as a project for dear Ellen, has evolved into a beautiful list of completed projects for other cancer patients, a family who lost everything they owned in Hurricane Harvey, the entire UMC of Southern Nevada Hospital Staff after the Route 91 Shooting, and so many, many, more deserving individuals and families.

At this time, we are currently seeking the following:

1. Volunteer Project Managers to help oversee projects in your city to help make each project not only service one family, or one community but actually become a global movement.

2. Nominations for people who may be in need, who can benefit from a project we can easily facilitate and complete within the allotted time frame.

Once we have nominations and know what needs must be fulfilled to carry out the act of kindness, we will ask for ideas on the project, assign a Volunteer Project Manager for each town or community, and then provide project guidelines for those in the group who want to participate.

I know that we all have little free time and I understand if you cannot participate with each project, but we really need to have a minimum of 25 participants each month to make this work and make a true difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for joining our circle, it is amazing what the power of kindness and love can do to make our world a better place.

For Ellen.



Traci Wilkerson Steckel

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