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It's Been a While....

Updated: Jan 20

Wow, it sure has been a while.

It's been a while since I've had the oomph to write to you all and also a bit since I've had some excellent uninterrupted time. But everything I'm experiencing in this season of my life is probably very similar to a season you had or have on your own. We all have our ups and downs, and I think it's essential to make the best of the lows, love the highs, appreciate ALL of them, and try to learn the lesson in it all. Whether it is obvious or not, I believe there is always a lesson every season.

Like many of you, life has been getting in the way, ha! But where would it be if it wasn't for our hectic lives? This season of my life has been crazy!

As many of you have experienced, my consulting business slowed during the pandemic. So things got slow, and a previous employer contacted me a few months into prospecting for new clients. His business partner (and wife) is retiring, and they'd like me to come back a few days a week, so I accepted! I manage my business and nonprofit as equally as possible, but sometimes, my nonprofit takes more time. The nonprofit work comes so much easier to me.

I'm enjoying being "back in the car biz" while having the flexibility to keep some of my clients. It is the perfect combo for me and came at the perfect time!

In addition to adding a new "old' job back in the mix, I have spent much time helping my immediate family, and this time increased at the end of April when I moved my grandmother from an obscure town in New Mexico to Minneapolis to be close to my dad. Same apartment complex close! I am trying to make reasonably frequent trips back to Minneapolis to visit both of them, make sure they are doing well and accept the paths their health is taking them down, and provide as much advice as possible without pissing everyone off! In July, I moved my mother into a senior community that, to be honest, saved her life. I am very thankful that she accepted that she needed to be in a place that could provide the help I could not or that she would even take from me. Of course, with all three of my loves, it is always a constant tip-toe dance on eggshells of not offering too much advice, or you can imagine what that looks like. 

But I must say, I am so thankful to have my mom, dad, AND grandmother in my life because I will not one day.

Then there's my health. I've been sick for a few years, and migraines were always huge issues and have been for 24 years. Thankfully, I am on a life-saving drug that keeps the once 20-migraine day months at bay, maybe just a couple a month, if any at all. But in May, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and while the medicine I was on was helping for a bit, I just got worse. I saw an Endocrinologist who did more lab work and determined it was Type 1 Diabetes, so we switched me over to 2 types of Insulin. This is still a tremendous pain in my butt. And fingers, and everywhere I administer the injections four times daily, LOL! It has been about four weeks on Insulin, and I still have not found my happy place yet.

I still have high glucose all day long, waking up literally EVERY night drenched in sweat and changing my clothes at least once, and now I am having a few really low glucose levels thrown in there, which is awful. I am always hungry, all day, no matter what, especially when I'm low. I want to devour everything in front of me, food or not. Unfortunately, I'm only allowed three meals daily, consisting of 45 grams of carbs each, and two snacks daily, comprising 15 grams of carbs. If you know me, a person who LOVES to snack all day, this has been a challenging life change. After seven months of eating healthier, you would think that I would be used to it, but it is almost like it is becoming torture. I am hoping that all of this is just a result of my glucose numbers being the worst rollercoaster of all time and that when I see a new endocrinologist, it will end soon because she gets my insulin right. 

I'm usually strong and make the best of things, but this season has been challenging. But like all of the others, I know this one shall pass. There is a lesson; when I have entirely accepted and understood it, I can share it with you all. Until then, I will share my raw feelings about these experiences and say, "We will all be ok as long as we try to move forward. If we cannot at least try to put one foot out in front of the other, we will do nothing but stand in the same place we've been."

Until next time, my friends. I will try not to take so long to write.

I hope you are all doing as well as possible.

Much love,



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