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Migraine Awareness Month

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As we near the end of Migraine Awareness Month, I have started 2 new medications; Ubrelvy and today, Aimovig. I have had a registered nurse who works as a caseworker with Blue Shield of California take me under her wing and become an advocate for me and help me find as many possible solutions to ridding these monstrous migraines.

And as of today, I will find out in 72 hours if I qualify for the Goldberg Migraine Program at UCLA, all thanks to my sweet new advocate with my health insurance company.

On this day, I have had a total of 34 migraines in the last 55 days, and I am ready for some relief, as I'm sure most of you fellow migraineurs are as well!

I'm thankful because the three times I've taken my new abortive medication, Ubrelvy, upon getting a migraine, it has stopped it in its track. However, I have had 2 back to back migraines despite using Ubrelvy. But, just thankful to rid the pain for the remainder of the day once I've taken it and with only a little sleepiness as a side effect!

Today was the first time I have taken Aimovig and actually shared this experience and was surprised by how easy and painless it was. I literally didn't feel a thing and thought the needle was broken, hahaha! I couldn't see the yellow canister moving up from the angle I was at, and not until I actually looked at it did I see that it was completely yellow, and ha worked! And obviously, after I saw the teeny little dot where the needle went in. Gosh. Here's that clip.

Pretty funny, though, right? The makers of these little pens have come a long way, and I appreciate how tiny the needles are!

But getting back to the Goldberg Migraine Program at UCLA, if you feel like you may qualify or not, it may be worth checking out because anything is worth trying to rid our pain.

I'm sorry for the short post; I am catching up on all of the work I missed from my migraines this weekend. We celebrated my pup's 12th birthday party with a Zoom party Saturday, and I literally passed out right after for 4 hours, then woke up with a little headache that just got progressively worse, and then I got another one on Sunday afternoon. Today is catch up with the day while I am pain-free, despite the slight case of brain fog and exhaustion.

I will add to this when I can remember this week!


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