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Taking Control of my Health, with Everylwell at-home Health Tests!

Why suffer if you don’t have to?

After decades of migraines and now having inflammation and Colitis, I realized that it’s time that I try to figure out what’s making my body so angry, on a greater level.

I have spent so much money, even with insurance, on lab work and tests over the years to figure out if certain foods were causing my migraines. Nothing ever came back positive.

So I tried “migraine diets,” where I pretty much took EVERYTHING out of my diet and re-introduced it after three months.

Everything from every type of nut and bean to caffeine, alcohol, anything processed. Do you even know how much food is processed? Canned items to lunch meats, pretty much everything, LOL!

I finally discovered which foods seemed to trigger my migraines and haven’t been eating them since 2013. In 2016, I became a vegetarian and rarely ate/eat egg or dairy products for the animals. (Only if they're hidden in something like a cake or a meringue pie.) But I am very good at my vegetarianism because I do not support the mass production or mistreatment of many of these animals while being farmed.

Interestingly enough, I still have issues with my migraines, and then finally, I found some life-saving drugs that are working, but without them, I would be a huge mess. In 2020, I started having other health issues and had a new diagnosis of Colitis, and I have been suffering from inflammation over the last few months.

I saw this testing company, Everlywell, on Facebook one night and decided it couldn’t hurt, especially since it is more specific testing than some of my generic labwork from the doctor’s office, and with the two discounts I had, I felt like it was well worth it just the price of 2 co-pays for test results, Zoom calls with nutritionists and healthcare providers, and a health plan to help me start a new diet and how to manage to change the way I eat sounded like a win-win,

So I did it!

It was easy, and I must say that you need to follow all of the instructions like drinking water, getting your blood flowing, and washing your hands under hot water. You need to ensure that you have enough blood from your little finger prick that you can fill in all of the bubbles on the testing card.

Just a few weeks later, I was floored with what came back in my results! Just floored!

Watch here to see what my results were!

If you are ready to take control of your health or finely tune what you are already doing, order your Everlywell health test here, to receive 15% off any Everlywell health test!

Happy New Year and a healthier new year too!

Much Love,



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